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on holiday

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Jan. 22nd, 2009 | 02:30 am

(what never occured to me was to inquire:
"what the blessed fuck is that rhythmic thumping?")

when those
dreamless, dastardly demi-deities
& brainy bastard biblio-bureaucrats
cruel & crooked
illuminated lines
derived from the
limens of lifetimes
well that's the world
too bad I guess
unlife feeds on life
still you lay yet
not troubled at all
eyes illuminated
soul insulated
gets under your skin
and everything's
all fine as ever
here in dandyland
we're poolside
sticky with spilled red wine and tequila
turning paler yet by the a waning morning star

I turned
to you
to speak,
you took my breath away
that's quite a deathgrip
you've got on my
& guts

she's so sublime
slithering serpentine
the sand of sleep
the salt of the deep
and not to mention so, uh--limber!

(:30 seconds wildlife stock footage)

bloorts the hundred handed pink & purple ethereal jellyfish laser lumberjack. But we didn't feel the crash of the world tree as it fell toward the rift. We knew not of that knocking of knots, not for all that nervous snuggle snogging! All clumsy groping, cacophonous groaning--we were oblivious to oblivion!

Who gives a shit what the neighbors think?
I think we'll use the wood to build an outhouse.
Before the Joneses can raise a fucking cross.

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From: vicfitz82
Date: Jan. 22nd, 2009 09:50 am (UTC)

you should send me something to Granola-fy

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