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Nov. 13th, 2008 | 11:05 pm

How about this weather we're having? It's getting pretty chilly here in Beijing, and the apartment heat is only cranked to nominal levels. But I imagine back home there's a foot of snow and an inch of ice on the ground.

New Preznit on the way. Whuddya thinkuh that, Hopeys? I won that little personal wager that Obama would take Michigan by at least 10 percentage points. That sure seems like an easy bet to make right now, but I think I made it sometime around the Republican National Convention. So I've had a big ole shit eating grin on my face for the last two weeks. I just wish I would've cast my own vote.

Is this a dream? Everything seems too good to be true. Sure, the world economy is fucked six ways and sideways. I'm not counting on some kind of global worker's revolution to lead us to salvation, but neither do I expect that ordinary folks are just going to roll over and take it in the ass while a few people continue to rake in the dough during these trying times.

I feel like I got a new lease on my personal life, too. My job is pretty nice. My students are all pretty bright, even if they're lazy and uncooperative most of the time. I don't mind that so much. I just warn them that if they're going to take that attitude they're gonna have to stop giving a shit about their grades. I'm trying to look at myself as less of a teacher and more of a culture coach. Even in my speaking class. I'm making these guys give a 3 minute speech every week, but when they fuck up I'm not doing too much to set them straight. Just getting them to grow some balls/eggs. 'Cuz they're all pretty decent with English. On paper, anyway. They just need some confidence.

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